Hearthstone Arena Common Card Rankings

The Hearthstone Arena Common Card Rankings are here!  This was a huge undertaking but it is finally finished.  Soon, everything will be in a more easily viewable spreadsheet that is downloadable, but for now this will have to do.  I hope this helps you all get to 12 wins more often.


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1 In my opinion, the best neutral minion in the game. With 4 attack, it can trade with nearly every other 4 cost minion. The best part is that it can nullify minions that cost much more. Don’t go overboard picking this card. You never need to draft more than 2.
2 One of the best taunts in the game. I like to call him the 3 cost killer. You will almost always get a 2 for 1 if you play this on turn 4.
3 Best friend of a Warrior enrage deck or a Mage, the Amani can turn nasty quick. This one card has the ability to grab a big early lead that your opponent can’t recover from. Very often a 2 for 1 card.
4 Basically, a 4/4 for 3 cost. Very strong early game, although it tends to do well at any time in the game due to its strong deathrattle. It offers some insurance against big board sweeps from your opponent as well.
5 Yeti earns a spot in the top 5 due to it being so hard to deal with during the transition from early to mid game. Almost always a 2 for 1, this big furry can be very annoying for your opponent.
6 Another minion with the ability to take over early game. This card can be very scary to play against early on if you have no 3 attack minions in your hand.
7 With Paladins and Warriors so prevalent in the current meta, the Ooze has become even more important. If you don’t have a way to remove a Warrior’s weapon you are likely going to lose to aggression.
8 It’s tough to play this card whenever you have a large number of minions in your hand due to its negative effect. Don’t let that keep you from drafting this card though. Your opponent will likely use 2 or more cards just to get rid of it.
9 Amazing card for any Arena deck. The Champion can give all of your minions +1/1 and it has plenty of health to survive a few turns no matter the situation.
10 A great card for any phase of the game. This hearty dwarf can give any minion +2 to help it trade with a higher cost minion. Very useful.
11 4/2 for 4 doesn’t look like much. This card isn’t intended to be used as an aggressive minion though. You must be patient and play this when you are planning on trading 2 or more minions with your opponent’s minions. This card usually does not last more than one turn unless you are way ahead. I’d suggest never getting more than one of these in any draft.
12 It’s easy to see why this multi-minion card is so good. 6/6 for 5 is a no brainer.
13 Excellent early game card to grab tempo from your opponent. The +1/1 buff this card provides is invaluable. Recently nerfed down to 3/2 from 3/3, so it drops a few spots on the list as it is more vulnerable to AOE spells and lower cost minions now.
14 Scarlet Crusader is one of those cards that will almost always net you a 2 for 1. At the very least, the person sitting across from you will have to use their hero ability and a minion to kill it off. That’s a win for you.
15 The jack of all trades Panda. This guy makes your entire deck better, assuming you have enough cards that have effects or high health so that they can be replayed. The Brewmaster also makes for a decent early game drop if you were unlucky with your draw.
16 You play this card much like you would a Cult Master. You should almost always be ahead and have board control because you know how to play and have enough early cards so that you aren’t board starved. A few dead minions means this thing goes from a 2/3 to a 5/3 quickly since its effect counts for every minion death, not just yours.
17 The Faerie Dragon looks like your every day average minion, but it has a secret. Not that kind of a secret. It can’t be targeted by spells or Hero powers. Playing it early against someone that has late game cards can get ugly fast.
18 A stealthed 4/2 on turn 3 means you can kill just about any 4 cost minion that your opponent plays. The Panther almost always trades up against a higher cost minion.
19 The enrage deck lovers dream. Play it to enrage your Raging Worgen or Gurubashi Berserker at the beginning of your turn and watch the tears flow (as long as it doesn’t backfire on you). Tears either way, I guess.
20 Another big body minion that is hard for your opponent to handle. Although it does look similar to the Yeti, I still consider the Yeti to be slightly better due to it usually being played earlier in the game. Still, a very good card.
21 You will usually get at least 2 cards out of this masochist. Great value.
22 An often overlooked card because of its low health, the Commando has 2 for 1 potential. The 2 damage battlecry is very useful whether you are ahead or behind.
23 Amazing in fast decks or with cards that have the ability to summon multiple minions cheaply. Never play it on its own if you have no other minions on board.
24 This card has saved valuable low health minions more times than I can count. It turns you into a quasi Priest for one play. Excellent utility card.
25 The Inventor can help in multiple ways. Two attack isn’t much to write home about but 4 health is great. This little dude can and usually will 2 for 1 your opponent’s early drops. Getting a card immediately upon playing him is great incentive.
26 Virtually, a Yeti split in two. At 4/5 total stats it gives you plenty of staying power for just 4 cost. While it isn’t near as effective as a Yeti, it does provide 2 for 1 ability in the right situation. The biggest downfall of this card is that the 2/1 Dragonling can be dealt with easily by your opponent.
27 The big Panda brother to the Youthful Brewmaster and almost equally valuable. 5/4 for 4 mana isn’t too bad if you are in a bad spot and have to play this without using the effect.
28 Very good in decks with 2-3+ attack weapons. 2/3 isn’t bad for a 2 mana cost card either. It’s only downfall is that its low health can be dealt with easily sometimes.
29 A play it and forget it minion. At 2 health, it will likely only last one turn so make sure you get the best use out of it that you can. Good low cost card that makes your other minions better.
30 For a 1 cost minion, the Worgen is one of the better cards in the game. The stealth ability allows him to remain hidden until you can get off a good trade, which usually comes on turn 2. Even better, he can be given buffs before using him to attack, making him even more deadly. Stealth minions are very underrated in Arena.
31 If you are lucky enough to draw this early or get it on your mulligan you are in good position. Any 2/1 can trade up to almost any 2 cost minion, and you get a card to boot.
32 Obviously, not near as good as the Spellbreaker but you do get a 2 attack minion and silence for just 2 cost. Not too shabby. Again, go easy on drafting silences. You usually need no more than 2.
33 Similar to the Stormpike Commando above, in that it can usually get two hits off before it dies. Not quite as effective though.
34 A stealthed 5/5 means you can set up to take out a troublesome high health minion if you are behind or do massive damage to your opponent if you are ahead. Buffs work great on stealthed minions as well.
35 More of a panic card than an aggressive card. This elemental can stall your opponent’s aggression by putting a dangerous minion on ice until you have something to deal with it.
36 You usually only want to get this card if you are a weapon user and have at least one weapon. At 4/6 it is already fairly strong for its cost, but you really see its value when you can enrage it with a weapon out.
37 Similar to the Scarlet Crusader but with more health. At the 4 cost tier it will have more trouble dealing with your opponents minions, but the divine shield means you will at least get a 1 for 1 out of it, which is why it deserves an average rating.
38 4/4 for 4 is already solid. Add spellpower in and you’ve got yourself a nice minion.
39 Very strong spell damage card. It can trade 2 for 1 with many early/mid range cards and give you more power for your spells at the same time.
40 Very good card for Hunters since it is a beast. Good stats for a 2 cost card.
41 Best in a Mage deck, but it still has its uses against low health minions.
42 This guy should probably be rated higher since lower cost spellpower minions are more efficient. It doesn’t matter that he might only last one turn. You mostly want him for his spellpower to kill off something your spell can’t quite reach.
43 An undervalued card due to its 1 attack. The Engineer isn’t going to trade with many cards but it does provide you with valuable card draw when needed most.
44 Nice body at 3/6. A defensive player’s best friend and great against small minion rush decks.
45 You will almost always find a way to use this kamikaze murloc effectively. Best used against those pesky 3/2 drops that only cost 2 or in a hyper rush deck. It is rated more highly by players seeking to win by turn 7 or sooner.
46 Similar to the Bluegill except it does 3 damage. Useful throughout the game.
47 Standard 3/3. The taunt is a nice bonus.
48 Strong at 7/7, the Golem is going to be tough for your enemy to get rid of. It poses a big threat considering it can take an enemy hero to half health in 2 hits. However, the high mana cost is hard to manage if you are behind.
49 Not a very good taunt for defensive play. This is more geared to an aggressive deck player who wants to protect some other minion for at least a turn. Good attack value at 5/4.
50 Another aggressive taunt like the Booty Bay Bodyguard. Not a bad card, but I typically pass it up for something better.
51 Good for non Priest mid game decks that need a way to get more value out of their cards. I’m not a big fan of any healing cards other than Earthen Ring Farseer.
52 Excellent card against rush decks or in a Priest and Hunter deck. Often a 2 for 1, depending on the type of deck you are facing.
53 This card can trade well early on in the game. The 3 health for the hunter really helps. The boar tends to die easily but can become valuable if a buff card is used on it.
54 Another card that is just begging for someone to use a weapon with. Many weapons can make this a 1 cost or free card to play. Great.
55 Aggressive deck fans rejoice! This is one of the best 1 drop cards, although it can be easily dealt with by a Mage.
56 The Dalaran Mage probably deserved the nerf but it is much harder to use now. 1/4 has trouble killing just about anything and sometimes it can get you in trouble if you are up against a Raging Worgen.
57 Never been a fan of this card. It has a ton of health but it can e easily bypassed with a silence.
58 A decent 2 drop. Though, the 2 attack makes it very hard to deal with 3 cost cards.
59 Good value if you are a weapon user. Don’t get it otherwise.
60 One of the worst big attack minions in the game. It is just too easy to deal with for its cost.
61 Same boat as the Mogu’shan Warden. You will find this card to be easily dealt with by your opponent.
62 You will rarely see this card survive long enough to make use of its enrage. One of the worst 3 drops.
63 Good card if you get the chance to attack with it. The problem is that you likely won’t before it is either silenced or killed.
64 A fairly weak card for 6 cost. At that level of the game you aren’t likely to keep up with the bigger minions your opponent should be playing. 5 attack is too weak.
65 Too easy to get rid of for most classes. 1 health is too weak and you likely won’t even get to attack with them.
66 Perhaps the worst 3 drop. A 2/2 for that cost is not worth it, even with the battlecry.
67 Good battlecry that is wasted on a 1 health minion. Still, as far as value goes it isn’t bad.
68 Another 2/2 for 3 cost. Although, it can be very useful if you have a lot of minions on the board. It gains value when played with low cost rush decks.
69 This will die to most 3 cost minions, making the windfury effect marginal at best.
70 One of the least useful minions that heal, the Priestess is perhaps most suited for the Warlock in Arena to help offset the negative effects of their hero power. A 5/4 on turn 6 is too easy to get rid of for your opponent. There will be times when this minion will die before you even get to use it. There is usually a better draft choice that you can take over this card.
71 The only use I could see for this card is to put a big buff on it, like Blessing of Kings. Then it might be worth it. Not a terrible pick if you have two other bad choices.
72 This is basically a 2 health heal for 1 cost. The minion rarely survives a turn.
73 Only good for buffing enrage cards in your deck. You may get lucky and have a 1 health minion to kill at times. Usually a bad draft.
74 A taunt not worth drafting. Too little attack and not enough health to protect anything.
75 See above.
76 Similar to the Argent Squire. If you can put a big buff on this then it might be worth it. Too situational.
77 Only hyper aggro decks want to use this card.
78 Rarely will you ever get to attack with this card. Just about every class has something to deal with 1 health cheaply.
79 Waste of a card. Maybe it will be buffed or removed at some point.
80 Merely a stall card.
81 Very few things this can trade with. Might have its uses in a Hunter beast deck, which can be hard to draft in Arena.
82 Too situational for Arena.
83 Same as the Boar. You will rarely find a card you can trade this with.




  1. Tom February 18, 2014 10:07 am  Reply

    Nice list, but I see situational comments like , “…if it gets silenced.” Sure, that stinks, but I don’t think you can rate a card based on an ability that your opponent probably doesn’t even have. Another comment that I find odd is saying split cards are like a x/x for x. No, it’s not. So many of them generate a 1 toughness offspring that is essentially worthless against 3 heroes, and close to worthless against 2 others.

    Personally I think the bigger taunt creatures are underrated since they force a change in tempo and can buy a turn for you or another minion and almost always trade at least 1 for 1. For example, if you get behind and play a non taunt minion they can just attack through it forcing you to attack their minions instead of them to slow them down.

    • freethnkr February 18, 2014 10:45 am  Reply

      You’re taking some of this a little too literal. Saying a card is worth x/x is just showing the value for the cost of the card. Most people will realize that a 2/1 split minion is easily pingable by certain classes and removable by a wide range of other spells.

      Non-taunt minions are just as good as taunt minions, all things being equal. However, what matters most is the type of deck you are playing. Taunt minions in a rush deck is generally a bad idea.

  2. Scruzzer January 7, 2014 1:07 pm  Reply

    Wonderful tips. I printed out your rankings for class specific cards and went off of memory from this list and won my first two games ever (in a row even) in the arena.

    • freethnkr January 7, 2014 6:55 pm  Reply

      Awesome :)

  3. KanyeEast January 5, 2014 1:04 pm  Reply

    Great job as usual my friend!
    I feel like because the nature of the rush meta atm you should rate elven archer a bit higher though, alot of top tier players have been using it epscially with mage/druid/rogue decks for 2 dmg early finishers

    • freethnkr January 5, 2014 1:38 pm  Reply

      Thanks KE. I had considered it. I might move it up to just below Raid Leader. Argent Squire gets a lot of use at top tier play as well.

  4. Pontara December 30, 2013 1:18 pm  Reply

    Thank you man, very nice guide. Could you try to improve it even more putting links to the cards? I’m new in the game and sometimes i forgot some cards.

    But, help me a lot, thanks!

    • freethnkr December 30, 2013 8:43 pm  Reply

      I might do this at some time this week or next. Work has kept me busy, even through the holidays.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      • Pontara December 31, 2013 3:36 pm  Reply

        no problem. Keep the good work coming and we appreciate

  5. Dott December 29, 2013 6:47 am  Reply

    I found an error.

    Ancient Brewmaster. The big Panda brother to the Youthful Brewmaster and almost equally valuable. 5/4 for *4* mana isn’t too bad if you are in a bad spot and have to play this without using the effect.

    It should be 4 mana, not 5.

    • freethnkr December 29, 2013 10:13 am  Reply


  6. Dott December 24, 2013 12:18 pm  Reply

    I find it difficult to use this ranking list because cards like Gnomish Inventor doesn’t seem like a good pick most of the time yet it is ranked 16th. 2-drops like Faerie Dragon and Mad Bomber have decent stats and are ranked below Gnomish Inventor.

    How about listing a group of cards together based on how good they are. For example, I would say, Chillwind Yeti and Dark Iron Dwarf are equally good and would group them together.

    • freethnkr December 24, 2013 4:45 pm  Reply

      This ranking is based on a point system I use that ranks cards by total value. So, a card like Gnomish Inventor has 6 points of stats (2 attack + 4 health) and draws a card (worth another 2 points) = 8 total. It’s not possible to rank all of the cards exactly this way because you have to take into account their cost and in what situations during the game they will be played. There are far too many factors to consider all of the variables.

      This list is to be used as more of a general guideline if you are stumped on your 3 draft choices at any given time during the draft. Sometimes you will end up with very difficult choices when the cards are close in value. In those situations it’s best to choose your card based on the type of deck you are trying to make and not worry so much about value.

  7. logandarknyte December 22, 2013 6:04 pm  Reply

    Argent Protector is missing

    • logandarknyte December 22, 2013 6:09 pm  Reply

      My bad, that’s Pally :)

      • freethnkr December 22, 2013 7:00 pm  Reply

        No problem :)

  8. Justin Howell December 18, 2013 7:10 am  Reply

    I’m sorry I see it now. :(

    • freethnkr December 18, 2013 7:17 am  Reply

      No problem. There’s so many on the page that it’s easy to overlook them :)

  9. Justin Howell December 18, 2013 7:08 am  Reply

    I didn’t see a comment about raging worsen. Where would you rate that?

  10. Peter Fields December 8, 2013 12:09 pm  Reply

    Hey, very nice tips, it is helping me a lot at the Arena. There is one missing minion at the list: Priestess of Elune. Thanks!

    • freethnkr December 8, 2013 7:40 pm  Reply

      I’m glad to hear it has helped you! Thanks for letting me know about the missing minion.

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