Hearthstone Arena Legendary Card Rankings

The Hearthstone Arena Legendary Card Rankings features some of the most powerful cards in the game.  Even casual WoW players will recognize most of the characters featured on these cards.  The ranking for legendaries were put in order based on their overall strength, while not taking any opponent silence plays into consideration.  As always, if you are looking for other rankings and tips you can click on the Hearthstone Tips page for a full list of content.



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1 In my opinion, this is the best class-specific legendary in the game. It has a possible 27 damage rating if it isn’t silenced. For 8 cost, that is like winning the lottery. Paladins are the only class that can use this card.
2 The best non-class legendary. For 6 cost you get a potential 8/10. The best thing about this legendary is that you can play it relatively early during mid game. It is a pain to deal with. This is mostly a playstyle choice. Some people prefer rush or mid game decks while others like late game. Cairne is ahead of Ysera because some games don’t make it to turn 9.
3 Widely considered by many to be the top legendary, this one has fallen down the rankings for me. A 4/12 for 9 cost is a little below average as far as stats go, but Ysera is hard to get rid of and the effect can be gamebreaking. Around 60% of the Dream Cards you can receive are great. The others range from average to bad. I do like this card but it works best when you are ahead, whereas the cards that are ranked above this one are good at anytime and able to be played earlier in the game.
4 Cenarius offers many of the same great utility options that many of the other Druid cards do. It allows you to choose between two very good effects based on situational play. Strong card.
5 The only legendary that has insurance against silence. Rag randomly annihilates everything in its path 8 damage at a time. Fun card to play.
6 As you can see, I rate early game legendaries more highly than late. Sylvanas is a card that gives opponents a lot trouble (if they don’t have a silence). The deathrattle effect will allow you to take control of a random enemy minion. This causes your opponent to completely change the flow and tempo of their game. Due to the nerf, Sylvanas moved a few spots lower in the rankings.
7 A Warlock’s best friend. Jarraxus is the dream of any Warlock draft. The case could be made for this card to be higher in the rankings since you not only reset your health to 15, but you also get a 3 damage weapon and a 2 cost 6/6 minion at your disposal.
8 A 6 damage minion for 4 cost. He will likely only last one attack but that is all you need. This card shines in rush decks, which usually do well in Arena.
9 Many whelps. Your opponent will definitely have trouble ‘handling it’.
10 Another rush deck MVP. Grom is easily going to be a 2 for 1 every time. Playing this in a deck with multiple minions that can enrage him is going to net you many wins. Unfortunately, the class-specific cards come around about as often as a ghost poop.
11 Illidan is one of those cards that can get out of hand fast if not dealt with quickly. Unless you have an efficient board sweep, you do not want to see a gang of 2/1 Flames of Azzinoth staring you down.
12 The biggest problem with playing this legendary is that most games don’t last until turn 10 in Arena. Other than that, it deserves a top 15 ranking because it can win games for you that you are behind in.
13 The Black Knight always triumphs! The previous statement usually holds true for this version of the Black Knight as well. At worst, he is an average cost minion for what he does if you can only manage to kill a 1 cost taunt. Therein lies the problem. You have to be disciplined to draft this card. It is vital that you wait until you see a taunt to play him against or you will end up playing a horribly undervalued and ineffective minion.
14 Spell heavy decks will love seeing Malygos while drafting. Five spellpower turns any spells (that are buffed by spellpower) into a wrecking ball. An 11 damage, 4 cost Fireball? Sure, if you insist.
15 Jack of all trades, master of none comes to mind when looking at the Windlord’s stats. Al’Akir is one bad mofo that hits like a gnome. Three damage isn’t much, but if you add Windfury, Charge, Divine Shield, and Taunt together with it then it becomes a card the Shaman should at least consider.
16 Most people will see this card and think ‘why would I choose a 2 cost legendary that is only a 1/1?’ You have to consider everything Thalnos brings to the table. The spell damage and deathrattle alone are worth more than 2 cost. As far as value goes, this guy has it in spades. The best thing about low cost spellpower minions is that you will have plenty of mana left to play your spells after playing them.
17 Finkle, Einhorn, Einhorn Finkle. Obviously, 9/7 for 6 is outstanding. There aren’t many cards that give you those kind of base stats for so little cost. The downside is that your opponent receives a 3/3 minion when you play this. If you are ahead then this shouldn’t be a problem.
18 Doctor Jones can either be a subpar 5 cost minion or an overpowered weapon breaker that showers you with free cards. Five out of nine classes currently have the ability to use weapons (Priests can steal them and Warlock can Jarraxus one out of thin air, but I’m not counting them). You won’t see Shaman and Hunter using weapons as often as Paladin, Warrior, and Rogue. So, you only have roughly 40% chance to go up against a weapon user depending on the current meta. That makes this card very hit or miss, but at least it is never a dead card at 5/4 for 5.
19 Fairly standard as far as class legendaries go. Regardless, Krush offers better than average value to a Hunter due to being a beast and having charge.
20 This big ugly has the capability to be a steady snowball by gaining +1/+1 each turn. He has steadily fallen down the rankings since beta started since his effect can be nullified by silence, but that could be said for just about any legendary.
21 The Mage’s class legendary, Antonidas, can be fearsome with the right spell heavy deck. Lower cost spells work best with him so you are able to get multiple fireballs into your hand before he dies. He is much easier to play in a constructed deck that you can build around him.
22 This is a poor man’s Lord Jarraxus. The interesting thing about Alextrasza is that you can use it both offensively and defensively. I have seen people use this against their opponent at times to take them from full health to 15. My advice is to save it and use it defensively to raise your own health back to 15 when you get very low. I am not a fan of this mostly defensive drake.
23 Decent early game 5/5. The downside is the 2 bananas that give your opponent two +1/+1 buff cards to use against you. If they have no minions on board then they could be in for a world of hurt, Mukla style!
24 At one time Edwin VanCleef, the Rogue class legendary, was more powerful than his current version. Turned out giving him stealth made him too powerful. Even in his current form he outpaces similar cards like Questing Adventurer by a large margin. Rogue class cards are mostly low cost, which make VanCleef easy to buff up.
25 A mostly average legendary. You will always get a total of 6/6 stats when playing this, but generally Hogger won’t make it through another turn without dying. He’s easy to get rid of.
26 The Priest specific class card. At face value, Velen looks to be a great card. However, at 7 cost, I feel it is played too late in the game to do any good. I have yet to play it in any deck, but I feel like it would be much better in constructed.
27 Fun random legendary to play. You need a minion already on board for his effect to work. You get either a 5/5 Devilsaur or a 1/1 Squirrel at random when targeting your minion. I could see this being an average legendary to play if you were a Shaman or Paladin. You would have the ability to turn your 0/2 or 1/1 into something better. Too random to rely on though.
28 For those about to rock, we salute you! The newest card currently in the game that was introduced at Blizzcon as a reward for purchasing a ticket to the event. From what I can tell without seeing this played, this is a very average card at 5/5 for 5. It gives each player a random card when played. Seems like a wash to me.
29 There are many better cards that grant card draw. There isn’t much value to this one, especially since it only has a 50% chance to draw a card. RNG could really screw you.
30 More of a constructed card to harass your opponent by playing Mind Vision over and over, as displayed by Noxious’s hilarious plays. It was one of the funniest moments I have seen in Hearthstone. Do yourself a favor and click on the link if you haven’t seen it.
31 A very lackluster card, in my opinion. Sure, it’s great if you already have a weapon out but otherwise it is only a 5/4 for 5. I would only get him if I already drafted a large number of weapons for some reason.
32 This legendary goes way up in value against low health minion rush decks. That is, if you can hang on until turn 7. Other than that specific scenario there is no reason to ever pick him. At 5 health, he is too weak to last more than one round against most opponents.
33 Mostly a troll card against your opponent. 8/8 for 9 is bad. This card is mostly just for poking fun at someone.
34 I learned the hard way that Millhouse is a card that trolls you. 4/4 for 2 is excellent. Granting your opponent free spells for the next turn isn’t.
35 At 6/6 he is very average. The “awesome inventions” that Gelbin summons are usually weak and could even harm your own minions. It is another “reward” type legendary. This was given to all beta players that paid real money for card packs (even people in open beta can get him for free this way). Anyone will be able to craft him with dust at any point, even after release.
36 An amazing card for murloc decks. Murk-Eye is a must have for constructed if you like themed decks. In Arena he is a big no-no, mostly due to the lack of murloc cards you will see when drafting. There is just no guarantee you will get enough murlocs during the draft process.




  1. Jay Kim January 13, 2014 10:59 pm  Reply

    Great card rankings; however, i would have to rate Illidan much lower than the other legendaries. I am sure people are much more scared of a ragnaros than an illidan. The 5 health isn’t enough for it to survive, so illidan’s play a card effect is really hard to pull out because his semi-high cost + low health.

    • freethnkr January 13, 2014 11:03 pm  Reply

      I’m not sure how Rag ended up below Illidan. I recently updated things to include text hover card images, so I guess things got mixed up somehow. Thanks for the heads up.

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