Hearthstone Arena Mage Card Rankings

The Hearthstone Arena Mage Card Rankings features one of the most well-rounded classes in the game right now (some would say too well-rounded).  Mages are all about board control and it’s easy to see why with the type of cards that round out the top 10 below.  This will give you a good idea of what the best Mage cards are for Hearthstone Arena.


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1 This card is king of board clear in the Arena. Just the thought of it possibly being used on turn 7 while playing against a Mage is enough to make a player change their strategy.
2 Seeing a pattern here? The Mage has outstanding spells. Fireball can demoralize an opponent who has just put down a high value card like Chillwind Yeti. Six damage for 4 cost is amazing.
3 Not quite as good as the Shaman Class card Hex, but Polymorph can turn a scary opponent board into a cuddly sheep, as an 8/8 Giant can hilariously become a 1/1. Baaa!
4 A weapon users worst enemy. Rogues, Warriors, Shaman, Paladin, and Hunters will curse you for playing these little guys. One hit to the face and they don’t get to attack you for a turn. They are also helpful in delaying the game for a much needed Flamestrike clear. At 3/6 for 4 mana, the Water Elemental can be a Mage Arena Deck MVP.
5 Another excellent board clear or delay spell. It’s a little pricy at 6 mana cost but it packs enough of a punch to reset for late game.
6 At 2 mana, Frostbolt is a very good early defensive spell. It combines good damage for the cost and the additional effect of Freeze just in case you can’t kill the minion (or player) that turn.
7 Due to the high probability of getting many spells during a Mage draft, the Wyrm has a lot of value. Starting your early game off with a Wyrm followed by a Frostbolt can put you into great position going into early-mid game.
8 This card is interesting. It looks to be a situational card based on the Battlecry text (The next Secret you play this turn costs zero). Situational cards are usually a bad idea in Arena since you never know what you will get later in the draft. However, this is a 4/3 for 3 mana cost so it is already very good value. Solid pick.
9 This guy probably deserves to be higher up the ranking, but I feel there are better Legendaries than him. A 5/7 for 7 cost is just okay. His effect (Fireball in your hand every time you cast a spell) is good, but I really feel like he is more suited to constructed play.
10 This card can be downright nasty if you are lucky enough to get a few Secrets in your draft. The only problem is that this is a very synergistic card and you would really need to already have a few Secrets in your draft to grab him, unless of course you had terrible picks next to him and had no other choice. A 3/3 for 4 cost is pretty bad and will get destroyed in most cases. If you like randomness then you can’t go wrong with this guy.
11 3 damage for 1 mana is great. The only downside is that it is random. Still, more times than not you will end up with a favorable trade with this card.
12 2 cards for 3 cost is good value. I would only take this card if I was halfway through my draft and haven’t seen any better draw power (Cult Master for example).
13 I have never been a fan of this card and feel it is more suited for constructed where it can be paired with situational cards. It does have its uses in Arena though. Stalling for higher cost board control is a great use of it.
14 Even though the Mage is a control class, this card comes too late in the game to be effective enough to use in Arena after the nerfing it received. It is merely average now.
15 There are times when a Secret like Vaporize is useful. If you can manage to get it to trade against a high cost minion then it has done its job and then some. That’s the rub. More times than not your opponent will find a way to play around it.
16 There are times when this card will be amazing, like against a rush Warlock. In the current meta, however, it is a somewhat weak card. Still, in the right situation it has a great deal of value.
17 3/2 for 2 cost is pretty standard and there are better minion choices at that range. The card effect isn’t bad but it isn’t great either. I’d pass on this if it were up against something like Mad Bomber.
18 This card is borderline decent. Against a Rogue (Assassinate) or other heavy spellcasting Class it can save a valuable minion. The chances of this card working out the way you want it to are slim.
19 The current meta for this card means that most players will play around it and place a low cost minion down. When you get a valuable minion out of it things are great. It’s just very rare for that to happen with so many people expecting it now. Either way, it’s usually a 1 for 1 trade unless you have a way to further buff/heal the minion you receive and keep it alive longer.
20 I’d be much more inclined to play this card if it reversed the effect onto the opponent that casts the spell. Regardless, it has its uses against spell heavy decks. Blocking a Flamestrike can be devastating to an opponent. Very situational card. It’s funny to watch an opponent try to figure out why they haven’t revealed your Secret.
21 I suppose there are uses for this in Arena, but they are very rare. This is a very situational card that is almost useless unless you have something that needs protecting. Even then, these two entities are easily handled since they are 0/2 each.
22 Another very situational card that is mostly reserved only for constructed Frost Mage type decks. I wouldn’t draft it unless the draft choices consisted of Ice Lance/Ice Lance/Alarm-O-Bot.
23 Bottom of the barrell. Mage doesn’t need any more defense as a defensive board control Class. Choosing this in Arena would be a waste of a pick.
24 Another mostly useless card in Arena. All it can do is stall. Low value in most decks. Has its uses in constructed, however.
25 The worst draftable Arena card for Mages, in my opinion.

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