Hearthstone Arena Paladin Card Rankings

The Hearthstone Arena Paladin Card Rankings feature a mix of some of the best cards in the game and some that are only fit for playing in constructed.  The Paladin Class has so much versatility that it can play just about any archetype, from rush to late game.  This makes it unique since there are very few Classes that can do this in Arena.

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1 One of the best Class-specific Legendaries. Divine Shield with Taunt and a Deathrattle that gives you a 5/3 weapon is ridiculous. Loads of value for 8 cost.
2 Instant pick. 8 Damage to the enemy and 4 health to you for only 4 cost.
3 Words cannot express how much I like this card. So strong, especially early game when you already have a minion on the board.
4 Almost always a 2 for 1 card. Very strong no matter the stage of the game.
5 Very cost effective area effect spell. This is 2 mana cheaper and does the same amount of damage as the 6 cost card Blizzard for the Mage. If you happen to get lucky and draft/use Equality with this then you are well on your way to 12 wins.
6 This makes all of your minions stronger by +1/+1 until it runs out of durability (5). Extremely good cost efficiency, as it makes the Paladins already good hero ability twice as good.
7 Excellent utility card. Equality can be used in so many in-game situations. I have even used it on a single 8/8 minion late in the game to secure a win. You usually want to save it for multiple minions and try to combo it with Consecration.
8 Not an absolute necessity to reach 12 wins, but this is usually an instapick unless one of the above shows up with it. Putting this on a 1/1 can be powerful but pick your spots wisely and try to use this card offensively so that it can’t be silenced before you get some use out of it.
9 You can almost always turn this into 2 draw cards for just 1 cost if you have board control. Even without board control you can sometimes turn it into much more if you play it on a high health enemy minion that you can’t get rid of easily.
10 Outstanding card at just 4 cost. It will surprise you how many times you come across enemy minions at exactly 3 health. Card draw is a nice cherry on top.
11 It is important to use this powerful card when you can get the most out of it. Using it on one minion and a hero is usually bad unless you are in a terrible situation. Multiple enemy minions with 1-3 health is this cards bread and butter.
12 8 health for 8 cost is okay, but you get the added benefit of drawing 3 cards. I’m not a big fan of defensive spells but this one is definitely worthy of drafting in Arena.
13 Such an underrated card. For just 1 cost you can basically turn any minion into a copy of itself since you will get to attack with it twice before it dies. Just make sure you are using it at the beginning of your turn instead of the end. You don’t want a Mage to ping the shield or get it silenced. Use it offensively.
14 This is a good card for defensive-minded Paladins. I personally pass it up sometimes if there is a decent offensive neutral minion I can grab, but that’s just my playstyle. It is a big plus that you get a 5/6 instead of a 6/5. That extra health is a big deal, and of course the 6 restored health is as well. Good value.
15 This card keeps falling further down the tier list for me. As a Pally, you should have board control most of the time and be trading 2 for 1 often, so there usually isn’t a need for a card that draws you as many cards as your opponent. Good card when you are behind though.
16 The same as Rockbiter Weapon for Shaman except you can only cast it on a minion (not yourself). Placing it on a 1/1 at the start of your turn to take out a higher cost enemy minion can turn things around for you or further solidify your board control. Situational card.
17 4 total damage for 1 cost is good value overall, but there won’t be many occasions where 1 damage will help you clear enemy minions in one swing.
18 Good value at 6 health for 2 cost. This would be most effectively used on a higher health minion.
19 I suppose this has its uses in Arena but I haven’t ever felt the need to draft it. Seems like a dead card most of the time since so many of the current top Arena Classes have ways of dealing with a low health minion.
20 This card just screams “use me in constructed”. That’s the only place I would even consider it.
21 Starting here, the rest of the Paladin cards are very lackluster. Blizzard needs to do some work on them so people actually use them. I don’t think I would ever pick this card.
22 The best use for this is to confuse your enemy into having to figure out which secret you have played. Other than that its useless in Arena.
23 A decent card for the first two turns of the game to protect any ability card you might have in play. Other than that, no.
24 This is purely a constructed card, even then I’m not sure I would use it.
25 Good luck getting this to work well for you. Usually people play a low health minion when a secret is out anyway.


  1. Suits December 9, 2013 8:34 am  Reply

    Hi Freethnkr, really enjoying your thoughts on card ranking. Currently, I’ve reached 8 Wins a couple of times and yet to reach the pinnacle of 9 yet. I find your ranking of Blessed Champion a bit low as although it’s quite a situational card for 5 cost, it just wins games out of nowhere so long as there is no taunt creature out. I have won a few games with my opponent at 15-20 life and I go BoK + BC (once with BoM too) for the win. Just want to understand your thoughts on this. Having said that though, I only pick it when there isn’t a Tier 1 Rare available to draft.

    • freethnkr December 9, 2013 10:37 pm  Reply

      Thank you.

      I think just about any buff card is playable in Arena as long as you get to draft it after your first 15 picks, so you have some idea of whether it would fit into your deck or not. If you look at the Priest rankings, I rank both Inner Fire and Divine Spirit fairly low. Both have their place, but it requires you to get the right kind of minion to use them on. I feel the same way about Blessed Champion.

      It sounds like you are having success with it so keep doing what you’re doing. The rankings I have come up with are more of a general guideline when facing tough draft choices. There is plenty of room for interpretation, especially if the card in question happens to be a favorite of yours.

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