Hearthstone Arena Priest Card Rankings

The Hearthstone Arena Priest Card Rankings display some of the most interesting cards in the game.  However, the Priest isn’t for everyone.  While the Class does have a great deal of versatility, it tends to play much more defensively in Arena.  It is very hard to put together a good Shadow Form deck since the Arena draft can be far too random, so it is rare to see an aggressive Priest in Arena.

Let’s take a look at the tier rankings of the Priest cards.  If you have any questions or comments please post them below.


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1 3/5 for 4 is already decent. Add on top of that the ability for any heal effects to be converted into damage and you are looking at a huge advantage. Most opponents will waste 2 cards to get rid of this if they have no other options. And it looks cool too!
2 Costs one more than Paladin Consecration but has the added effect of healing you and your minions/allies. So good.
3 Basically, a 6/9 for 6 except you are able to distribute the extra 3 health wherever you want to. This will almost always result in a 2 for 1 for you.
4 SM usually gets a 2 for 1 when you play it, depending on the situation. At the very least it will give you more options than you normally would have. Outstanding pick. If you are lucky enough to have a Panda in your hand when using this card (and have 2 mana to use the Panda) then you can get a free minion by stealing your opponent’s minion that you use Shadow Madness on.
5 Destroy anything that has 5 attack or more for only 3 cost. Works 99.9% of the time, every time.
6 Not quite as efficient as Death, but at 2 cost this is one of the best Priest spells available.
7 A little harder to use now after the nerf, moving it up to 10 cost from 8. While it is still a good spell that can win you games, usually most games are over by the time they hit turn 10. This card is good but not great now.
8 While it does make your hero ability twice as good as the Mage, it does tend to be counterproductive for the way most Priest decks are drafted in Arena. If you aren’t able to use your heal ability then you lose a great deal of effectiveness. This spell would be amazing with a rush deck.
9 I think this is a very good card. There will be many times when giving 2 health to a minion gets it out of kill range for your opponent. Plus you get a card when you use it. It really helps having one of these when you end up with that odd 1 mana left at the end of your turn.
10 The Cleric is a solid card. You just have to know when to use it. Most people tend to use it on their first turn of the game, but I feel this is a mistake since having a Power Word Shield is a must to buff it up so it survives. This card is best used when you already have a damaged minion on the board at the start of your turn. Floop the Cleric, heal your minion, and get a card. It is even more useful when you can play it when you have multiple damaged minions and play a Holy Nova to get multiple draws.
11 A 10 point swing. You get to deal 5 damage to any enemy and heal yourself for 5. Great for those awkward 5 health minions during mid game.
12 2 damage for 1 cost that trades up very well. A cheap finisher for early game minions.
13 Nothing spectacular but you do get to see what your opponent has in their hand and have that card added to your hand. Cards like this and Thoughsteal really shine if you were unfortunate during your draft and didn’t get many good cards.
14 Not quite as good as Mind Vision. You get 2 cards for 3 mana. I did manage to steal a Deathwing once, but this card is fairly average.
15 A 5/5 for 4 cost is good. The mechanic of this card usually means it will get dealt with somehow, either by a silence (makes it a 0/5) or something else. I almost always have bad experiences with this minion, but sometimes it actually does its job.
16 Perhaps the most fun (definitely the most random) card in the game. It’s hard to justify picking this one too highly due to it being epic, but it’s so much fun to play that you might find yourself with a tough drafting decision to make.
17 There are currently 69 cards out of a total of 156 that have 2 attack or less. That works out to around 44% of the cards in the game. Those are decent odds that this card will have a positive outcome. The biggest problem is it costing 6 mana. You aren’t going to see many 2 attack minions late game.
18 Good card if you can use it on a high health minion (Ysera comes to mind). As always, use this offensively to trade with another minion. The last thing you want is for a Spellbreaker to rain on your parade.
19 Gets you out of sticky situations when you don’t have board control and draws you a card. It does have a high cost but it can be very useful against buff decks.
20 7/7 for 7 is War Golemish. Still, I don’t know that I would ever pick this guy. There are many other Legendaries that I would grab first. The only time I could see his effect being valuable is if you already had Shadowform active. Way too situational.
21 The only thing this terrible rare has going for it is that it is hard to deal with since it is 5 health for 2 cost. If you can manage to keep it alive and have board control then it could be very useful.
22 I’ve recently had a change of heart on this card. It used to be my least favorite Priest card but it can be useful if there are no better draft choices, especially if you are behind and have Shadowform active.
23 Silence is great to have. For 0 cost this provides a cheap way to get out of trouble. There are many better silence cards you can draft. Only pick this if the other draft choices are worse.
24 Hard to use most of the time. Most Arena-goers know that silence is very important to have in your draft. Cards like this usually get nullified.
25 Nope.

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